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lhxmodel::Lhx_3_2_3::AlertStatus Struct Reference

LHX alert status. More...


Public Attributes

vector< boolean > sensorFailure
 Sensor failure (broken or short circuit)
vector< boolean > fanFailure
 Fan motor failure.
vector< boolean > powerSupplyFailure
 Power supply failure.
boolean thresholdAirOutlet
 The air outlet temperature threshold was crossed.
boolean thresholdAirInlet
 The air inlet temperature threshold was crossed.
boolean thresholdWaterInlet
 The water inlet temperature threshold was crossed.
boolean doorOpened
 The door was opened.
boolean maximumCoolingRequest
 Maximum cooling was requested.
boolean emergencyCooling
 LHX is in emergency cooling mode.
boolean waterLeak
 Water leakage was detected.
boolean thresholdHumidity
 The humidity threshold was crossed.
boolean externalWaterCoolingFailure
 An external water cooling failure occurred.
boolean thresholdWaterOutlet
 The water outlet temperature threshold was crossed.
boolean stBusError
 ST-Bus communication error.
boolean condenserPumpFailure
 Condenser pump failure occurred.
boolean baseElectronicsFailure
 Base electronics failure occurred.
boolean voltageLow
 The battery voltage is low.

Detailed Description

LHX alert status.

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