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net::PortForwardingInfo Struct Reference

Port forwarding info. More...


Public Attributes

boolean enabled
 true if port forwarding is enabled
boolean nodeIndexValid
 true if nodeIndex is valid
int nodeIndex
 Index of the node in the port forwarding cascade.
boolean slaveConnected
 true if this node has a slave connected
string masterDownstreamIfName
 Master downstream interface (usb: any USB iface) More...
vector< PortForwardingMasterAddrInfomasterIPv4AddrInfos
 Master address info for IPv4.
vector< PortForwardingMasterAddrInfomasterIPv6AddrInfos
 Master address info for IPv6.

Detailed Description

Port forwarding info.

Member Data Documentation

◆ masterDownstreamIfName

string net::PortForwardingInfo::masterDownstreamIfName

Master downstream interface (usb: any USB iface)

the first entry of each vector has the default route set (if default route is set at all)

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