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net::EapAuthSettings_3_0_0 Struct Reference

EAP authentication settings. More...


Public Attributes

string identity
 EAP identity.
string password
 EAP password (always empty on retrieval!)
boolean clearPassword
 Set to true when password should be cleared.
string clientCertChain
 client certificate chain
string clientPrivKey
 client private key (always empty on retrieval!)
boolean clearClientPrivKey
 Set to true to clear the client private key.
string clientPrivKeyPassword
 password of client private key
EapOuterAuthMethod_2_0_0 outerMethod
 Outer authentication method.
EapInnerAuthMethod_2_0_0 innerMethod
 Inner authentication method.
string caCertChain
 CA certificate chain.
boolean forceTrustedCert
 Enforce trusted certificates.
boolean allowOffTimeRangeCerts
 allow expired and not yet valid TLS certs
boolean allowNotYetValidCertsIfTimeBeforeBuild
 allow not yet valid TLS certs if More...
string authServerName
 Name of the RADIUS server (used to verify cert)

Detailed Description

EAP authentication settings.

Member Data Documentation

◆ allowNotYetValidCertsIfTimeBeforeBuild

boolean net::EapAuthSettings_3_0_0::allowNotYetValidCertsIfTimeBeforeBuild

allow not yet valid TLS certs if

the system time is before the build time

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