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sensors::NumericSensor_4_0_2::MetaData Struct Reference

Numeric sensor metadata. More...


Public Attributes

Sensor_4_0_2::TypeSpec type
 Sensor type, reading type and unit.
int decdigits
 Number of significant decimal digits. More...
float accuracy
 Sensor accuracy in percent. More...
float resolution
 Sensor resolution. More...
float tolerance
 Sensor tolerance. More...
float noiseThreshold
 Sensor noise threshold. More...
Range range
 Range of possible sensor readings. More...
ThresholdCapabilities thresholdCaps
 Threshold capabilities.

Detailed Description

Numeric sensor metadata.

Member Data Documentation

float sensors::NumericSensor_4_0_2::MetaData::accuracy

Sensor accuracy in percent.

How close in percent measurement is to actual value. This value has an implicit precision of 2, i.e. the double value must be rounded for 2 decimal digits before use. For example a reading of 10.0 and an accuracy of 0.2 means the actual reading value is 10.0 +/- 0.2%.

A value of 0 means unused.

int sensors::NumericSensor_4_0_2::MetaData::decdigits

Number of significant decimal digits.

Indicates how many digits should be displayed to the right of the decimal point. I.e. double values must be rounded with this precision.

float sensors::NumericSensor_4_0_2::MetaData::noiseThreshold

Sensor noise threshold.

Threshold under which sensor measurements will be ignored. Sensor measurements below that value will be reported at the lower bound of the sensor range.

Range sensors::NumericSensor_4_0_2::MetaData::range

Range of possible sensor readings.

Range values are rounded with with decimal digits.

float sensors::NumericSensor_4_0_2::MetaData::resolution

Sensor resolution.

Minimum difference between any two measured values. Must be rounded with decimal digits.

float sensors::NumericSensor_4_0_2::MetaData::tolerance

Sensor tolerance.

Tolerance is given in +/- counts of the reading value. It indicates a constant magnitude possible error in the quantization of an analog input to the sensor. Rounded with decimal digits + 1.

A value of 0 means unused.

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