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pdumodel::Pdu_4_1_2::Settings Struct Reference

PDU settings. More...


Public Attributes

string name
 User-defined name.
StartupState startupState
 Default outlet state on device startup; can be overriden per outlet.
int cycleDelay
 Default power-cycle interval in seconds; can be overriden per outlet.
int inRushGuardDelay
 Minimum delay in milliseconds between switching two outlets on.
vector< int > outletPowerStateSequence
 The order in which multiple outlets should be switched. More...
int powerOnDelay
 Delay in seconds before restoring outlet states after device startup.
boolean latchingRelays
 If true, relays keep their state during power-cycling.
boolean energyPulseEnabled
 Enables energy consumption counting using the PDU's LED(s)
int energyPulsesPerKWh
 Ratio between LED pulses and energy consumption.

Detailed Description

PDU settings.

Member Data Documentation

vector<int> pdumodel::Pdu_4_1_2::Settings::outletPowerStateSequence

The order in which multiple outlets should be switched.

Format: List of outlet numbers (zero-based), empty for default.
Affects the following functions:

  • setAllOutletPowerStates
  • cycleAllOutletPowerStates
  • setMultipleOutletPowerStates
  • cycleMultipleOutletPowerStates

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