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lhxmodel::Sensor_4_0_2::MetaData Struct Reference

Sensor's self describing data. More...


Public Attributes

sensors::Sensor_4_0_2 TypeSpec type
 Sensor type, reading type and unit.
int numDecDigits
 Number of significant decimal digits. More...
double numRangeMin
 Smallest possible Numeric Reading Value.
double numRangeMax
 Largest possible Numeric Reading Value.
double numThresholdMin
 Smallest possible Numeric Reading Threshold Value.
double numThresholdMax
 Largest possible Numeric Reading Threshold Value.
string label
 The sensor label.
string id
 Descriptive ID of sensor containing label.

Detailed Description

Sensor's self describing data.

Member Data Documentation

int lhxmodel::Sensor_4_0_2::MetaData::numDecDigits

Number of significant decimal digits.

Indicates how many digits should be displayed to the right of the decimal point. I.e. double values must be rounded with this precision.

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