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firmware::ImageInfo_1_0_1 Struct Reference

Firmware image information More...


Public Attributes

boolean valid
 The file is a valid firmware image.
string version
 Firmware image version
string min_required_version
 Minimum running firmware version for image.
string min_downgrade_version
 Minimum image version for running firmware.
string product
 Product name.
string platform
 Platform name.
string oem
 OEM name.
string hwid_whitelist
 Hardware ID whitelist.
string hwid_blacklist
 Hardware ID blacklist.
boolean compatible
 true if the image is compatible with this device
boolean signature_present
 true if the image is signed
string signed_by
 Signature issuer.
boolean signature_good
 true if the signature is valid
string certified_by
 Key certificate issuer.
boolean certificate_good
 true if the key certificate is valid
boolean model_list_present
 true if the image includes a supported models list
boolean model_supported
 true if the model is found on the support list

Detailed Description

Firmware image information

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