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event::Engine_1_0_1::Rule Struct Reference

A Rule binds an action to a condition. More...


Public Attributes

string id
 Rule ID.
string name
 User-defined name.
boolean isSystem
 true for system-defined rules
boolean isEnabled
 true if the rule is enabled
boolean isAutoRearm
 true for auto-rearming rules
boolean hasMatched
 true if the rule has matched since being armed
Condition condition
 Trigger condition.
vector< string > actionIds
 List of action IDs.
vector< KeyValuearguments
 Argument map.

Detailed Description

A Rule binds an action to a condition.

The 'id' is an unique identification within the scope of this event engine. The 'name' is unique as well and used by the GUI as user readable identificator. The flag 'isAutoRearm' determines whether actions are triggered again after condition reoccurres. The 'hasMatched' flag is true if the condition was true once and the rule is not rearmed yet. The 'isSystem' flag is readonly and if set marks the action as not deletable. The 'actionIds' are the actions to perform if the rule evaluates to true. The arguments are passed to the actions.

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