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assetmgrmodel::AssetStrip_2_0_5::RackUnitInfo Struct Reference

Infos for a single rack unit. More...


Public Attributes

int rackUnitNumber
 rack unit for the settings, range 0..rackUnitCount-1
int rackUnitPosition
 resulting rack unit position (display number)
TagType type
 type of the asset tag (single, extension, none or unknown)
int size
 blade extension size (4,8,16), 1 for single tags or 0 if nothing connected
AssetStripConfig_1_0_1::RackUnitSettings settings
 settings for a single rack unit
int assetStripCascadePosition
 number of strip in cascade
int rackUnitRelativePosition
 relative position to strip
int assetStripNumberOfRackUnits
 number of rack units in strip that this rack unit belongs to

Detailed Description

Infos for a single rack unit.

In case no asset strip is connected, type defaults to single and size defaults to 1

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