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assetmgrmodel::AssetStripConfig_1_0_1::StripSettings Struct Reference

Settings for this Asset Strip. More...


Public Attributes

int rackUnitCount
 rack unit count, number of rack units (range: 8..64), will be ignored on strips that auto-detect their rack unit count
string name
 user defined name (up to 64 alphanumeric characters)
ScanMode scanMode
 LED scan (demo) mode.
LEDColor defaultColorConnected
 auto color for rack units with an asset tag connected
LEDColor defaultColorDisconnected
 auto color for rack units without an asset tag connected
NumberingMode numberingMode
 rack unit numbering mode (top down, bottom up)
int numberingOffset
 rack unit numbering starting offset (default is 1)
Orientation orientation
 orientation. If orientationSensAvailable, writes are ignored

Detailed Description

Settings for this Asset Strip.

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