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usermgmt::RoleManager Interface Reference

Role manager interface. More...



struct  ArgumentDesc
 Privilege Argument Description. More...
struct  Info
 Full role manager information. More...
struct  PrivilegeDesc
 Privilege Description. More...
struct  RoleAccount
 Role information. More...

Public Member Functions

int createRoleFull (in string name, in Role::Info info)
 Create new role with full information. More...
int deleteRole (in string name)
 Delete a role. More...
vector< string > getAllRoleNames ()
 Retrieve a list of role names. More...
vector< RoleAccountgetAllRoles ()
 Retrieve a list of active roles. More...
vector< PrivilegeDescgetAllPrivileges ()
 Retrieve a list of supported privileges. More...
Info getInfo ()
 Retrieve full role manager information. More...

Public Attributes

constant int ERR_ROLE_ALREADY_EXISTS = 1
 A role with that name already exists.
constant int ERR_MAX_ROLES_REACHED = 2
 Maximum number of roles reached.
constant int ERR_INVALID_VALUE = 3
 Invalid arguments.
constant int ERR_ROLE_DOESNT_EXIST = 1
 The role does not exist.
constant int ERR_ROLE_NOT_DELETABLE = 2
 The role cannot be deleted.

Detailed Description

Role manager interface.

Member Function Documentation

int usermgmt::RoleManager::createRoleFull ( in string  name,
in Role::Info  info 

Create new role with full information.

nameNew role name
infoNew role information
0 if OK
1 if a role with that name already exists
2 if the maximum number of roles is reached
3 if the role information is invalid
int usermgmt::RoleManager::deleteRole ( in string  name)

Delete a role.

nameName of the role to delete
0 if OK
1 if a role with the given name does not exist
2 if the role cannot be deleted
vector<PrivilegeDesc> usermgmt::RoleManager::getAllPrivileges ( )

Retrieve a list of supported privileges.

List of privilege names
vector<string> usermgmt::RoleManager::getAllRoleNames ( )

Retrieve a list of role names.

List of role names
vector<RoleAccount> usermgmt::RoleManager::getAllRoles ( )

Retrieve a list of active roles.

List of active roles
Info usermgmt::RoleManager::getInfo ( )

Retrieve full role manager information.

Role manager information

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