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pdumodel::Panel_1_1_2 Interface Reference

PMC panel. More...


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struct  PanelSettings
 Panel settings. More...

Public Types

enum  LabelingScheme { SEQUENTIAL, ODD_EVEN }
 Mapping of physical circuit positions (0-based) to logical labels. More...
- Public Types inherited from pdumodel::PowerMeter_1_1_2
 Power meter type. More...

Public Member Functions

PanelSettings getPanelSettings ()
 Retrieve the panel settings. More...
int setPanelSettings (in PanelSettings settings)
 Change the panel settings. More...
map< int, Circuit_1_0_1getCircuits ()
 Retrieve the list of circuits. More...
int createCircuit (out Circuit_1_0_1 circuit, in Circuit_1_0_1::Config config, in Circuit_1_0_1.Settings settings)
 Create a new circuit. More...
int deleteCircuit (in int position)
 Delete a circuit. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from pdumodel::PowerMeter_1_1_2
Config getConfig ()
 Retrieve the power meter configuration. More...
Sensors getSensors ()
 Get the power meter sensors. More...
vector< Pole_4_0_1getPoles ()
 Get the list of power meter poles. More...
vector< Controller_4_0_0getControllers ()
 Get the list of slave controllers for this power meter. More...
Settings getSettings ()
 Retrieve the power meter settings. More...
int setSettings (in Settings settings)
 Change the power meter settings. More...
EnergyPulseSettings getEnergyPulseSettings ()
 Retrieve the energy LED pulse settings. More...
int setEnergyPulseSettings (in EnergyPulseSettings settings)
 Change the energy LED pulse settings. More...

Public Attributes

valueobject PanelSettingsChangedEvent: event::UserEvent { PanelSettings oldSettings
 Event: Panel settings have changed. More...
PanelSettings newSettings
 Panel settings after change.
valueobject CircuitCreatedEvent: event::UserEvent { Circuit_1_0_1 circuit
 Event: A new circuit was added. More...
Circuit_1_0_1::Config config
 New circuit config.
Circuit_1_0_1::Settings settings
 New circuit settings. More...
valueobject CircuitDeletedEvent: event::UserEvent { Circuit_1_0_1::Config config
 Event: A circuit was deleted. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from pdumodel::PowerMeter_1_1_2
constant int ERR_INVALID_PARAM = 1
 Invalid parameters.
constant int ERR_MODBUS_UNIT_IN_USE = 2
 Modbus unit address is already in use.
valueobject SettingsChangedEvent: event::UserEvent { Settings oldSettings
 Event: Power meter settings have changed. More...
Settings newSettings
 Settings after change.
valueobject EnergyPulseSettingsChangedEvent: event::UserEvent { EnergyPulseSettings oldSettings
 Event: Energy LED pulse settings have changed.
EnergyPulseSettings newSettings

Detailed Description

PMC panel.

A panel contains:

Member Enumeration Documentation

Mapping of physical circuit positions (0-based) to logical labels.


Circuit positions 0..2 are labeled 1, 2 and 3.


Circuit positions 0..2 are labeled 1, 3 and 5 (two columns)

Member Function Documentation

int pdumodel::Panel_1_1_2::createCircuit ( out Circuit_1_0_1  circuit,
in Circuit_1_0_1::Config  config,
in Circuit_1_0_1.Settings  settings 

Create a new circuit.

circuitResult: Newly created instance
configNew circuit config
settingsNew circuit settings
0 if OK
1 if the circuit config or settings are invalid
int pdumodel::Panel_1_1_2::deleteCircuit ( in int  position)

Delete a circuit.

positionPosition of circuit to be deleted
0 if OK
1 if the circuit position is invalid
map<int, Circuit_1_0_1> pdumodel::Panel_1_1_2::getCircuits ( )

Retrieve the list of circuits.

Configured circuits by position
PanelSettings pdumodel::Panel_1_1_2::getPanelSettings ( )

Retrieve the panel settings.

Panel settings
int pdumodel::Panel_1_1_2::setPanelSettings ( in PanelSettings  settings)

Change the panel settings.

settingsNew panel settings
0 if OK
1 if any parameters are invalid

Member Data Documentation

valueobject pdumodel::Panel_1_1_2::CircuitCreatedEvent

Event: A new circuit was added.

New circuit

valueobject pdumodel::Panel_1_1_2::CircuitDeletedEvent

Event: A circuit was deleted.

Old circuit config

valueobject pdumodel::Panel_1_1_2::PanelSettingsChangedEvent

Event: Panel settings have changed.

Panel settings before change

Circuit_1_0_1::Settings pdumodel::Panel_1_1_2::settings

New circuit settings.

Old circuit settings.

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