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pdumodel::Inlet_2_0_1 Interface Reference

Inlet interface More...


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struct  MetaData
 Inlet metadata More...
struct  Sensors
 Inlet sensors More...
struct  Settings
 Inlet settings More...

Public Member Functions

MetaData getMetaData ()
 Retrieve the inlet metadata. More...
Sensors getSensors ()
 Get the inlet sensors. More...
vector< Pole_4_0_1getPoles ()
 Get the list of inlet poles. More...
Settings getSettings ()
 Retrieve the inlet settings. More...
int setSettings (in Settings settings)
 Change the inlet settings. More...
void setEnabled (in boolean enabled)
 Enable/disable PDU operation for this inlet. More...
boolean isEnabled ()
 Test whether PDU operation is enabled for this inlet. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from pdumodel::EDevice
vector< EDevicegetParents ()
 Get the list of devices that provide energy to this device. More...
vector< EDevicegetChildren ()
 Get the list of devices that are directly fed by this device. More...

Public Attributes

valueobject SettingsChangedEvent: event::UserEvent { Settings oldSettings
 Event: Inlet settings have been changed. More...
Settings newSettings
 Settings after change.
valueobject EnableStateChangedEvent: event::UserEvent { boolean enabled
 Event: Inlet has been enabled or disabled. More...

Detailed Description

Inlet interface

Member Function Documentation

MetaData pdumodel::Inlet_2_0_1::getMetaData ( )

Retrieve the inlet metadata.

Inlet metadata
vector<Pole_4_0_1> pdumodel::Inlet_2_0_1::getPoles ( )

Get the list of inlet poles.

List of inlet poles
Sensors pdumodel::Inlet_2_0_1::getSensors ( )

Get the inlet sensors.

Inlet sensors
Settings pdumodel::Inlet_2_0_1::getSettings ( )

Retrieve the inlet settings.

Inlet settings
boolean pdumodel::Inlet_2_0_1::isEnabled ( )

Test whether PDU operation is enabled for this inlet.

true if PDU operation is enabled
void pdumodel::Inlet_2_0_1::setEnabled ( in boolean  enabled)

Enable/disable PDU operation for this inlet.

When PDU operation is disabled the sensors for this inlet and all children will no longer be updated, and outlet switching is no longer allowed. This can be useful for multi-inlet units if one inlet is temporarily expected to be powered down.

enabledtrue to enable PDU operation
int pdumodel::Inlet_2_0_1::setSettings ( in Settings  settings)

Change the inlet settings.

settingsNew inlet settings
0 if OK
1 if any parameters are invalid

Member Data Documentation

valueobject pdumodel::Inlet_2_0_1::EnableStateChangedEvent

Event: Inlet has been enabled or disabled.

New enable state

valueobject pdumodel::Inlet_2_0_1::SettingsChangedEvent

Event: Inlet settings have been changed.

Settings before change

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