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fitness::Fitness Interface Reference

Fitness Daemon interface More...



struct  DataEntry
 An entry in the reliability database. More...
struct  ErrorLogEntry
 An entry in the reliability error log. More...

Public Member Functions

vector< DataEntrygetDataEntries ()
 Returns the fitness data entries. More...
void getErrorLogIndexRange (out int firstIndex, out int entryCount)
 Returns the error log index range. More...
vector< ErrorLogEntrygetErrorLogEntries (in int startIndex, in int count)
 Returns the error log. More...

Public Attributes

constant int FLAG_VALUE_INVALID = 0x1
 The value/worstValue/rawValue is invalid (e.g. More...
constant int FLAG_VALUE_OLD = 0x2
 The value/rawValue is out-dated. More...
constant int FLAG_ENTRY_CRITICAL = 0x4
 Violating the threshold is a critical event. More...

Detailed Description

Fitness Daemon interface

Member Function Documentation

vector<DataEntry> fitness::Fitness::getDataEntries ( )

Returns the fitness data entries.

The count of entries depends on the device. For example a PDU each slave board currently has 3 entries + 2 entries per relay. The data is updated only once or twice a minute.

– the vector with the fitness data entries
vector<ErrorLogEntry> fitness::Fitness::getErrorLogEntries ( in int  startIndex,
in int  count 

Returns the error log.

If the startIndex is smaller than the first index in the log than the count of returned entries is smaller (or even 0) as well.

startIndex– the index of the first entry to return
count– the count of entries starting from the startIndex
– the vector with the error log entries
void fitness::Fitness::getErrorLogIndexRange ( out int  firstIndex,
out int  entryCount 

Returns the error log index range.

firstIndex– the first valid index
entryCount– the count of entries in the error log

Member Data Documentation

constant int fitness::Fitness::FLAG_ENTRY_CRITICAL = 0x4

Violating the threshold is a critical event.

constant int fitness::Fitness::FLAG_VALUE_INVALID = 0x1

The value/worstValue/rawValue is invalid (e.g.

not initialized).

constant int fitness::Fitness::FLAG_VALUE_OLD = 0x2

The value/rawValue is out-dated.

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