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firmware::Firmware_2_0_0 Interface Reference

Firmware management methods More...


Public Member Functions

void reboot ()
 Reboot the device. More...
void factoryReset ()
 Reset the device configuration to factory defaults.
string getVersion ()
 Returns the currently installed firmware version. More...
vector< UpdateHistoryEntrygetUpdateHistory ()
 Fetch the firmware update history. More...
ImageStatus getImageStatus ()
 Get the current firmware image upload/download status. More...
void discardImage ()
 Discard the currently uploaded firmware image, cancel the update.
boolean getImageInfo (out ImageInfo_1_0_1 info)
 Return information about a currently uploaded firmware image. More...
void startUpdate (in vector< UpdateFlags > flags)
 Launch the firmware update process. More...

Detailed Description

Firmware management methods

Member Function Documentation

boolean firmware::Firmware_2_0_0::getImageInfo ( out ImageInfo_1_0_1  info)

Return information about a currently uploaded firmware image.

infoFirmware image information
true if a firmware image is uploaded, false otherwise.
ImageStatus firmware::Firmware_2_0_0::getImageStatus ( )

Get the current firmware image upload/download status.

Image status structure.
vector<UpdateHistoryEntry> firmware::Firmware_2_0_0::getUpdateHistory ( )

Fetch the firmware update history.

Vector of firmware update history entries
string firmware::Firmware_2_0_0::getVersion ( )

Returns the currently installed firmware version.

Firmware version
void firmware::Firmware_2_0_0::reboot ( )

Reboot the device.

This function will fail if a firmware update is in progress.

void firmware::Firmware_2_0_0::startUpdate ( in vector< UpdateFlags flags)

Launch the firmware update process.

The device will stop handling RPC requests shortly after this method has been successfully called. The client should poll the fwupdate_progress.cgi page to monitor the update progress.

flagsList of firmware update flags; may be empty

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