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display::DisplayControl Interface Reference

Interface to control the device's front panel display. More...



struct  DefaultViewItem
 Representation of a possible default view. More...

Public Member Functions

vector< DefaultViewItemgetAvailableDefaultViews ()
 Get available default views. More...
string getDefaultView ()
 Get the currently active default view. More...
int setDefaultView (in string id)
 Set the active default view. More...

Public Attributes

constant int SUCCESS = 0
 Error codes. More...
constant int ERR_INVALID_VALUE = 1
 Invalid argument.

Detailed Description

Interface to control the device's front panel display.

Member Function Documentation

vector<DefaultViewItem> display::DisplayControl::getAvailableDefaultViews ( )

Get available default views.

This returns all views that can be used as default views on the device display.

Possible default views, or empty list if the default view can not be configured for the device's display
string display::DisplayControl::getDefaultView ( )

Get the currently active default view.

View ID of current default view. If the device doesn't allow configuration of the default view, an empty string is returned.
int display::DisplayControl::setDefaultView ( in string  id)

Set the active default view.

idView ID of new default view
0 on success
1 if id is not part of the key set returned by getAvailableDefaultViews

Member Data Documentation

constant int display::DisplayControl::SUCCESS = 0

Error codes.

No error

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